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Drag and Drop Engagement Profile

Customize your Profile to represent who you are [fa icon="play-circle"]

"My influence online is crucial to my business - That's why I've always used Kred. Now with .Kred, my influence has evolved to my Identity and Network"

Co-Founder/CEO/Host @whatstrending
Shira Lazar

Engagement Center

Discover, Add, Filter, Sort and Engage your Contacts [fa icon="play-circle"]

Take action with your Contacts

Social Matching and Scoring

Every Contact you add to the Engagement Center is matched against a datamine of over 600 million profiles. Whatever details you have for your contacts, we will do our best to find the rest, adding in their social handles, email addresses and even their Influence Scores.


Take Action with your Contacts

Now that you have the full picture - Search, filter sort and engage your contacts, by building your relationship on the Kred Influence Network, sending them +Kred, or even adding them to a mailing list that you can action with your mail client.


Stay on top of the world's most Influential Content

Your .Kred Membership grants you access to Today.Kred, where you can see how Top Influencers are boosting their scores. See the kind of content that works and the techniques they are using to deliver to their audience.

Connect with other Influencers to receive their content directly into your personal Newsfeed. Follow the brands and businesses that interest you - They’re looking for influencers to engage.

Today.Kred and your personal Kred Newsfeed


Your Kred Score

The world's most transparent Influence Metric

Influence Score
Influence is how often you inspire action
[fa icon="twitter"]  mentions, follows, retweets
[fa icon="facebook-square"]  likes, posts, invites
Influence Score
Outreach is your generosity to others
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"Kred is one of my favorite sites in the Twitterverse."
Global Twitter Marketing Coach
Keith Keller

Your Kred Story

See what happened and how it affected your Influence

Your Kred Membership activates your Kred Story.

It is a rich, dynamic stream of widgets that tells you everything you want to know about your Influence.

Monitor your current Global and Community Scores, compare your points earned today to your personal daily best, see which actions are affecting your Score and more!


Kred Story

"Kred celebrates the power of personal influence and generosity at the heart of human relationships – tight groups of friends and subject matter experts. For marketers, Kred presents the opportunity to discover trusted, engaged Influencers who can help them spread their message quickly."

+Kred and Kred Moments

Reward your Friends and favorite Influencers

Give extra recognition to your favorite Influencers.

Kred collects indications of Influence from sources beyond social media interactions with +Kred and Kred Moments.

When you give +Kred to someone, they receive 70 Influence Points in the community of your choice. You will also be rewarded with 30 Outreach Points in the Global Kred community for your generous action.


"I give Kred. I take Kred.
I want Kred."
TV Host, C-Suite Exec and award-winning Author
Jeffrey Hayzlett Kred

So, how influential are you?