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Every Contact you add to the Engagement Center is matched against a datamine of over 600 million profiles. Whatever details you have for your contacts, we will do our best to find the rest, adding in their social handles, email addresses and even their Influence Scores.


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Now that you have the full picture - Search, filter sort and engage your contacts, by building your relationship on the Kred Influence Network, sending them +Kred, or even adding them to a mailing list that you can action with your mail client.

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The .Kred Influence Network helps you stay on top of the world’s most influential content.

Your .Kred Membership grants you access to Today.Kred, where you can see how Top Influencers are boosting their scores. See the kind of content that works and the techniques they are using to deliver to their audience.

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Influence is how often you inspire action
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Outreach is your generosity to others
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Kred Communities


Communities are groups of people connected by interests and affiliations.

In the offline world, your credibility on a subject varies with your level of expertise. To replicate this on social networks, Kred generates scores based on your unique interests. For example, you may offer advice on Dogs that is retweeted far and wide, and have little to say about Fashion. Kred gives you a score in both Communities; in this case, your Influence is likely to be higher for Dogs than for Fashion.

Community Membership

Kred places you in communities based on the interests you express through your Twitter Bio and the hashtags and keywords in your posts over the last 1,000 days. For example, you may be identified as a Dog Lover if you have made posts like “Just back from a long hike with the dog” or your Bio says you are a “Dachshund Owner.” Kevin von Duuglas-Ittu (seen below) is counted as part of the Dog Lovers community because his Bio identifies him as a “cattle dog owner.” We can also see from his Bio that Kevin is a member of the Social Media Community.



Global Scores vs. Community Scores

Global Kred accounts for all interactions, including those with people that are not members of any community. As a result, some people will have different Global Kred Influence than they do in a specific community.

Global Kred is calculated independently of scores within communities. It is not the average of your community scores.

global vs. community


See which Communities you have Kred in

+Kred and Kred Moments


Give extra recognition to your favorite influencers.

Kred collects indications of Influence from sources beyond social media interactions with +Kred and Kred Moments.

When you give +Kred to someone, they receive 70 Influence Points in the community of your choice. You will also be rewarded with 30 Outreach Points in the Global Kred community for your generous action.


Give a friend +Kred or a Kred Moment

The Kred Story


Your Kred Membership activates your Kred Story.

It is a rich, dynamic stream of widgets that tells you everything you want to know about your Influence.

Monitor your current Global and Community Scores, compare your points earned today to your personal daily best, see which actions are affecting your Score and more!


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Kred Rewards


Kred Rewards helps brands find, and offer special goods and services to, a targeted group of Influencers.

While some brands choose to offer a discount or trial, others have opted to give Influencers their actual products, ranging from pet food products to high quality headphones!

Influencers who receive Kred Rewards are in no way required to Tweet or post about the brand or product. It's completely up to you what you decide to share. The primary purpose of a Kred Reward is to connect you with brands that want to let you know about their latest and greatest!


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