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Empire.Kred connects Influencers with relevant content and rewards them for it. Use Empire.Kred to complete Social Missions, discover new content, and engage with influencers that are relevant to you, while your Kred Score grows in real time. Buy and Sell on the Social Stock Market, investing your wealth in a booming economy of Influencers.

Create Missions which promote content that matters to you. Missions have varying rewards, set by the creator, which contribute to your wealth within the game.

Enjoy great content while you grow your wealth to create your own Social Missions that promote the content which matters to you. Visit Empire.Kred to get started.

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How playing Empire.Kred helps increase your Influence

Complete Social Missions and earn additional Kred points to help boost your 
Influence score and be established as an Online Influencer. Create Social Missions for other players to complete that promote your content and in turn increase your Online Presence.