Currency for Recognition

Kred Influencers are recognized and rewarded with Influence Coins.

Kred Coins are a new class of digital asset for sharing and connecting, powered by Blockchain and Kred Influence.

They are designed for giving, tracking and playing. It is based on:

  • ERC20 Protocol CKr unit of value - they are a precursor for storing CKr on minted Coins

  • Minted Kred Coins that use the ERC721 Protocol and are stored on either the Stellar or Ethereum distributed ledgers

A Kred Coin is not a cryptocurrency - it is not a non-fungible collectible crypto asset. Each Coin derives value from the Moment it represents, its Circulation Trail and the social capital that comes with holding, trading or gifting the Coin.

2 CKr are free per signup (limit 5 million CKr). As of August 1 2018, you can buy more CKr in $1.00 USD lots (this price may change).

Why should I give someone my Coins?
  • Connecting - By minting and giving a coin you start a chain of conversation with every user the Coin is exchanged. This can be helpful in building a community.
    Eg. A kitesurfing Coin that is exchanged (gifted or sold) to 100 users interested in kitesurfing, allows you to then connect with them.

  • Reciprocity - The act of giving in itself is a gesture that invokes response. Gamifying the process of networking with your own unique Coins helps you build your personal brand.

Create your own custom Coins
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