Kred knows just who you’re looking for. Even when you don’t.

Find the Influencers making an impact on your Topic, Brand or Community.

Kred's CRM makes finding Influencers easy:

  • Sync and upload your own Contacts to match their social accounts and find their Kred Scores

  • Discover new Influencers by simply searching for the keywords or topics that matter to you

Kred's Influencer CRM was built to help you grow your online Influence by giving you a bird's-eye view of your audience and powerful insights to help curate your network.

Use the 'Contacts' tab to search and sort through Influencers you know, by:

  1. Name or @name

  2. Keywords, hashtags and topics

  3. Influence Scores

  4. Locations

  5. Bios

Use the 'Discover' tab to easily find new influencers, searching by the keywords or topics that matter to you. 


Discover New Influencers