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Engage with your Social Influencers 


Rank your contacts Social Influence with Kred Leaderboards 


Introduce Influence Measurement to your customer properties 


Run a full Influence Measurement report with the XLS Endpoint
A simple 3-step Integration
HubSpot Integration Video
What is Kred?
Kred is both an Influence Measurement Tool and Instant Social Platform, providing an innovative marketing tool for digital teams. 
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What is HubSpot?
HubSpot is a popular Inbound Marketing Platform, assisting businesses with their Automated Marketing and Customer Relationship Management.
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By integrating your HubSpot account with Kred, you can seemlessly combine your customer engagement, lead generation and influence measurement produced by Kred with your HubSpot marketing automation and customer management systems.  

Integration with HubSpot makes synchronizing lists from your CRM with your social Streams seamless.



Integrate HubSpot and Kred to enrich and engage your CRM with Influence Scores and tracked customer engagement in KredStreams.
Kred Influencer Leaderboards

As well as being able to measure the influence of each of your HubSpot contacts using their contact properties, Kred allows you to drop any HubSpot list you own into a Leaderboard which then orders them by score and thus priority of outreach.

With your Leaderboard you can then begin to target the most influential customers in your network in order to maximize you online reach. 



wingdude  Measure and Track Influence

Kred gives you the ability to revolutionize your Influencer Marketing strategy.

Integrate HubSpot with Kred to generate Kred Influence and Outreach Score contact properties for all of your HubSpot contacts to identify the top influencers in your database for social outreach and EDM campaigns. Each of your contacts will also be labeled with a 'Community' that Kred see's them most fit to to based on a social algorithm.

Kred XLS Endpoint

Kred's XLS Endpoint tool allows a HubSpot integrated customer to generate valuable Kred information from a contact list. Upload a list of Twitter handles, and generate a Kred Influence and Outreach scores for each handle to rank your contacts by online influence. This tool also allows you to measure the live change of Kred Scores during important events featuring those members. We call it the Kred Speaker Score.
Kred XLS Endpoint
KredStream Analytics Panel
KredStream Analytics Panel
IUse your Grab's analytics panel to track user engagement and access detailed analytics of your members posts and actions. Gauge member numbers and network growth, posts and engagement over any given time, geographical spread of members and much more.


+Kred for List Members
The HubSpot contact lists you choose to activate as Grabs will have the ability tp engage with one another by rewarding +Kred. As the owner of the Grab, you will have the ability to reward your customers for their engagement by giving them Mega Kred (10x the points). 

Engage Customers with a Grab

Included with the Kred integration is a Grab, a instant Streams designed to provide businesses and individuals with a dedicated space to drive their social outreach. A Grab gives you the opportunity to invite any of your HubSpot contact lists to join a dedicated Stream owned by you, with your branding and your advertising. Customers and leads can then post, share and like content, creating an innovative way for you to convert leads and prospects as well as maintain more personal relationships with your customers. All your Cutomers actions in your Grab will be sent to your HubSpot customer timeline.




How to integrate Kred with HubSpot

1. Locate your HubSpot Key on HubSpot

HubSpot Integrations
2. Paste your HubSpot Key into your KredStream

KredStream HubSpot Integrations

3. Engage with your Stream

KredStream HubSpot Integrations

4.  Monitor engagements in HubSpot

KredStream HubSpot Integrations