Engage your Influential contacts with .Kred

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[fa icon="twitter"] Match social profiles to your email contact lists
[fa icon="laptop"] Identify top Influencers in your MailChimp lists
[fa icon="exchange"] Track contact KredStream behaviour through MailChimp Conversations

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3 simple steps to MailChimp Integration
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Copy your ID into your KredStream
What is .Kred?

.Kred is an inbound marketing platform that activates Influencers from your contact lists inside your own Social Stream with integrated EDM triggers.

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What is MailChimp?
MailChimp is an online email marketing solution to manage contacts, send emails, track results and ultimately convert leads.

Integrate your KredStream with MailChimp to transform your mail lists into Social Streams and start engaging with your contacts in a more personal space.

Actions your contacts perform in your KredStream are logged in MailChimp Conversations, allowing you to segment your contact lists by level of engagement.

Kred matches social profiles and Influence scores to your email contact list.

Kred Leaderboards help you identify the top Influencers in your database and prioritize social and email marketing outreach. 


Integrate MailChimp and Kred to enrich and engage your contact lists with matched social handles and Influence Scores.
(up to 10,000 social matches - Contact us if you require more)

Kred Influence Scores

Kred Influence Scores help you establish the most powerful Influencers in your MailChimp CRM.

Kred matches social handles to your email contact lists, appending Influence and Outreach scores and completing your contacts' portraits.


Boost your Online Presence 

The MailChimp contacts you invite to your KredStream can post and share content, invite their friends, like posts and give both you and other members +Kred. For every action in your KredStream you will receive additional +Kred, boosting your Online Influence Score and the online presence of your business.

Kred Influencer Leaderboards

Integrate your KredStream with MailChimp and transform your contact lists into an Influence Leaderboard. Rank your lists to identify and activate the leading social Influencers and start engaging with the right people today. 


KredStream Analytics Panel

Integrate your KredStream with MailChimp to turn any list into a vibrant social hub. Monitor member numbers and network growth, posts and engagement over any given time, geographical spread of members and much more.

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Kred XLS Endpoint

Match Kred Scores to a MailChimp contact list by running it through Kred's XLS Endpoint tool. Discover your contacts' Influence and Outreach Scores and top social Communities.
Kred XLS Endpoint

How to integrate MailChimp with .Kred

1. Locate your API Key in MailChimp

2. Generate and copy your API Key

3. Paste your API Key and select a List

KredStream HubSpot Integrations

4.  Start engaging with your MailChimp contacts

KredStream HubSpot Integrations