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KredBot will automatically award the best comms twice a day



Track the most rewarded team members with Leaderboards  


Slack Integration is easy - Watch the 1 minute video below
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What is Kred?
The Kred Platform provides teams with Influence measurement tools, giving them the ability to calculate and reward online comms.
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What is Slack?
Slack is an internal communications platform, helping businesses increase their employees internal engagement and productivity.
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   Kailtin Brawson

"Kred gave our Slack Channel a second life by providing a fun method of rewarding our team members for their great project briefs and effective follow-ups." 

By integrating your Slack account with Kred, you finally have the ability to ensure that your internal communications are of the highest quality using the Kred Reward System. 

Both managers and team members will be able to reward their colleagues for providing clear and precise instructions, ensuring that no moment is wasted on poor internal comms affecting your teams productivity. 

It is a fun and innovative way for companies to both increase internal engagement while simultaneously ensuring that every conversation is high quality and helpful to its recipients.

Control your Comms with Kred Commands
Using simple / commands you and your colleagues are able to reward +Kred, analyze conversations, control your KredBot and more.

/PlusKred @name                      /KredLeaders                      /Kred @name
Reward your colleagues with +Kred for their internal comms   Display your Slack Channels Leaderboard and the top 10 Leaders   Find your own or your Colleague's Kred Influence Scores
/KredAnalytics    /MegaKred @name    /KredBot on/off
Display your Kred analytics panel in your Slack Stream - coming soon   Moderators of your Slack account have the ability to give 10x +Kred   Switch your KredBot on or off to control your its posting abilities
 /Kred Help    /Kred Grab   /Sync 
Explore all the Kred commands available to  you    Display the top 3 most rewarded posts in the past 24 hours and visit your Grab - coming soon   Sync your Twitter handle with Slack and boost your Kred Score coming soon


Let KredBot do the Rewarding 

By integrating your Slack account with .Kred, you are taking ownership of a KredBot, built to programmatically post two updates to your Slack channel at two daily intervals.

12 pm: At noon everyday, using a specially designed algorithm, your KredBot will reward the three best internal communication in the past 24 hours with 50 bonus +Kred points.

5 pm: At the end of every workday, KredBot will post the top 3 most awarded Slack users in the lasr 24 hours.

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With so much internal chatter it's hard to ensure your team is receiving the right instructions and often ends in having to waste valuable time re-doing tasks. With the Kred Reward System we allow you to award team members for their clear internal comms and motivate them to improve their internal messaging in the future.

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It's not only up to Managers to reward their team; each team member also has the ability award their colleagues with +Kred for providing them with clear and succinct information and for helping them complete their projects. For every comment a team member adds to a Slack channel, they will also be rewarded with +Kred.

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 Each time a member of the team is rewarded with +Kred for their internal comms on Slack, Kred points with be awarded to their profile. These profiles will all then be ranked on a Kred Leaderboard, displaying those who have received the most points. It's up to your to reward them for their efforts. 

Discover more features of the Kred Integration
Kred Influence Scores
Integrate your Slack account with Kred to generate Kred Influence and Outreach Scores for each member of your team and start scoring their internal interactions and engagement.

Employees earn points from their team members in Slack by receiving +Kred using the command, replying to a post or sending an emoji.
Award colleagues +Kred

The Slack channel you synchronise with the Kred Platform will allow its members to award one another with +Kred directly from your Slack stream. By rewarding each other +Kred, employees will earn points and climb the companies Kred Leaderboard. 

Give +Kred to your team members when they provide you with clear internal communications that make your life easier!

Internal Company Leaderboard
Each employee starts with a score of 0 and gains points over time by earning +Kred, awarded to them for great internal communication. As their Score rises, so does their corresponding position on the Company Leaderboard. This is a great way to track who your most pro-active and engaged employees are and in turn reward them.
KredStream Analytics Panel
KredStream Analytics Panel
As well as using your Company Leaderboard to measure each employee's score, the Kred Analytics Panel provides a more indepth look into how often your employees are posting, from which office, how many active members there and the overall velocity of internal communications. This is a very effective tool to analyze your companies internal engagement to maximise productivity through a seemless flow on informaton.


your best Conversations

By integrating with Kred you are provided with a Grab, a simple Stream showcasing the most awarded conversations posted in your Slack account. You and your team will be able to visit your Grab at any time to discover the best and most awarded examples of internal messaging on your account.

KredBot will automatically post the most popular and rewarded Slack posts and comments in your Grab, based on the +Kred, replies, and positive emoji's in connect with each Slack post.

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Integrate with Kred to unlock your Grab and build both internal and external Social Streams for both your team and your customers.

Integrating your Slack Channel with Kred is easy!