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Activate a Grab
Activate your .Kred
Among thousands of new Top Level Domains, .Kred is the only domain that spells "Influence".
Join the Influence Network
Join the Influence Network
Your .Kred membership is your passport to the Influence Network. Leverage content discovery and curation, connection building and engagement.
Unrestricted Engagement
Unrestricted Engagement
Harness the conversations from your network to build new Connections.

Assert your Personal Brand

Tailor your Grabs to your interests and expertise


Assert your Personal Brand

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Your profile is your online footprint

A wholistic representation of your online connections

[fa icon="circle"] Showcase full screen photo and video backgrounds
[fa icon="circle"] Define yourself with a complete bio
[fa icon="circle"] Directly link to your established web presence
[fa icon="circle"] Display your hard-earned influence with pride
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Irina Shamaeva on Grab
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Connect the dots cross-platform

Sync Accounts to connect with peers across almost any platform

Connect your social handles from almost any platform and unify your audience. Easily gather content from your community to monitor and showcase the conversation.


Join and even create your own content streams

Capture, engage and reflect on the conversations that matter to you

[fa icon="circle"] Gather posts by and about your community from all platforms
[fa icon="circle"] Activate a container for engagement with your connections

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Exponential Growth

Your Audience has an Audience

Help your friends activate their profiles in moments. Syncing social platforms helps them find their friends on Grab and in turn builds your Connections.

Fans activate Profiles
Friends activate Profiles
Invite your friends to try Grab and activate their own online profiles and communities.
Connect their Audience
Connect their Audience
Connecting social accounts shows your friends the people they already know using Grab.
Build your Network
Build your Network
Friends of your friends are visible in your Contacts Manager. Find those you want to connect with and say "Hi!"

Actionable Contacts

Sort, filter, select and take action with your Connections

Create a mailing list for your favorite email platform and share focused outbound EDM campaigns with your peers. Reward top engagers with +Kred.

Contacts Manager Click to sort
  Name Location Influence Outreach Last Active
DeWaard, Francis London, UK 937 7 08/18/2016
Jessup, Thomas San Francisco, CA 836 7 08/18/2016
Green, Arnold Manchester, UK 486 5 08/17/2016
Tesler, Jean-Sebastien Stockholm, SW 646 2 08/18/2016
LaCasse, Guillaume Paris, FR 778 7 08/16/2016
Hamlin, Joseph New York, NY 999 9 08/14/2016

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