The NFT Marketplace for your Community

Activate a digital asset platform for your Community that creates engagement.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are unique digital assets recorded on the decentralized and immutable blockchain.

Communities can activate their own NFT Marketplaces for creating and trading digital assets that support their mission or cause.

Kred Coins are NFTs that create Engagement in your Community.

Supported by both the Stellar and Ethereum Blockchain Networks.

  • Tokenize Content
    Community members create Kred Coins from scratch with a photo or video, or use integrations with leading NFTs, like CryptoKitties.

  • Engage Community
    Every Kred Coin carries a conversation, featuring posts and comments, from the original creator and Coinholders in your Community.

  • Share Calls to Action
    Coins carry your Community's media, messaging and call to action and can drive traffic to their content or offer.

Kred Coins are already creating Engagement in these Communities
  • CryptoKitty Owners
    Owners of these adorable, collectible digital cats use Kred Coins to share their Kitties without losing ownership.

  • Street Artists
    StreetCuts hunts down and digitizes the most collectible Street Art, which is commemorated and distributed with fans via collectible Kred Coins.

  • Empire.Kred Players
    Social Influencers and brands on Empire.Kred use Kred Coins to reward their investors and grow their networks.

  • Artists
    Artists promote their Art with Kred Coins, using the Digital Collectibles to build their communities, share their work, and commemorate their art.

  • Designers
    Coin.Design welcomes graphic designers to design their own custom Coins. Every Coin created and shared on social enters the Designer into a competition!

  • Linkedin Open Networkers
    Megaconnectors and Open Networkers use Kred Coins to promote their content and make more Connections.

See How it Works
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