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3 Ways Kred helps you Increase your Influence

You've already built a powerful Community. Kred helps you Engage your Community and Increase your Influence.

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Activate your Profile with [fa icon="twitter"] and discover your Kred Score. Customize with over 100 drag and drop widgets. Choose your own .Kred Domain and brand yourself as an Influencer.

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Jessica Lewin Connect
Jessica Lewin
Kr 738/8
[fa icon="map-marker"] San Francisco
[fa icon="twitter"] @jesslewin
[fa icon="tag"] DesignBlogger
[fa icon="twitter"] 5 mins
[fa icon="heart"] 55   [fa icon="comment"] 12   [fa icon="retweet"] 2

Infographic: Explaining material design -

Import Contacts from email lists and social accounts to Connect, Invite and Give +Kred to them in the Engagement Center - Send emails, Tag, @reply and follow with them on Twitter.

Conversation Streams
Keith Keller

Keith Keller
via Today.Kred

"Intellectual property has the shelf life of a banana." Bill Gates

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Samantha Lewin

Samantha Lewin
via her Timeline

S/O to my 362 new followers this week!

[fa icon="heart"] 5   [fa icon="comment"] 7   [fa icon="ellipsis-h"]

Add dynamic Conversation and Photo Streams to your Profiles and web pages. Keep them fresh with live feeds from @names, hashtags or RSS. Get access to Influencer news.

"Kred celebrates the power of personal influence and generosity at the heart of human relationships – tight groups of friends and subject matter experts. For marketers, Kred presents the opportunity to discover trusted, engaged Influencers who can help them spread their message quickly."

Brandwatch - World leading social intelligence platform

World leading social intelligence platform

Kred Score

Kred Scores showcase your Influence and Outreach

Influence is how often you Inspire Action and is mainly scored using mentions, follows, retweets on Twitter and likes, posts, invites on Facebook.

Outreach is your Generosity to Others and is mainly scored using mentions, follows, retweets on Twitter and likes, posts, replies on Facebook.

How is Kred different from Klout and other Influence Scores?

Kred is completely transparent. While other influence scores give you a number that might change over time - You often can't see how or why it has changed. Kred is the only platform to include both an Influence and Outreach Score, which can be monitored on an Activity Statement that highlights why you are influential and in which areas you might need to improve. See the Kred vs Klout Infographic [fa icon="angle-right"]

Your Activity Statement shows you Why

Your Kred Activity Statement is like your bank ledger for Influence.

See all of the actions that affected your Score and exactly how many raw points were earned from each.

Every line shows you the associated Influence and Outreach points to help you identify what you're doing right and where you could improve.

Boost your Score instantly by giving Kred Moments and +Kred


Kred Story makes it Beautiful

Your Kred Membership activates your Kred Story.

It is a rich, dynamic stream of widgets that tells you everything you want to know about your Influence.

Monitor your current Global and Community Scores, compare your points earned today to your personal daily best, see which actions are affecting your Score and more!

Kred Story

What Top Influencers are saying

Jeffrey Hayzlett - TV Host, C-Suite Exec and award-winning Author

"I give Kred. I take Kred. I want Kred."

Jeffrey Hayzlett
TV Host, C-Suite Exec and award-winning Author

Shira Lazar - Co-Founder/CEO/Host @whatstrending

"My influence online is crucial to my business - That's why I've always used Kred. Now with .Kred, my influence has evolved to my Identity and Network."

Shira Lazar
Co-Founder/CEO/Host @whatstrending

Keith Keller - Global Twitter Marketing Coach

"Kred is one of my favorite sites in the Twitterverse"

Keith Keller
Global Twitter Marketing Coach

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[fa icon="plus-square"]Can you help me grow my Influence?

Kred is the world's most transparent Influence Score and shows you exactly what actions affect your Influence and Outreach.

Access the tools you need to grow your Influence, including:

  • Your Kred Influence and Outreach Score

  • Your Kred Activity Statement with breakdown of actions and how they affect your Score

  • Kred Instant Actions - Simple actions you can complete right now to help boost your Score

    and more
[fa icon="plus-square"]Who is PeopleBrowsr?

PeopleBrowsr is a technology company founded in San Francisco in 2007.

The PeopleBrowsr Platform powers the Kred Influence Score and Platform, helping Social Influencers create Profiles, start Conversations and engage their Communities - All with simple tools, on your own Domains.

Visit to see the other Platforms using their social technology.

[fa icon="plus-square"]What if I decide it's not for me?

One of our core values is "no platform lock-in", and, it is reflected in our pricing. If you decide the Platform doesn't do what you thought it would, or now just isn't the right time, you can cancel any time.

Similarly, if you sign up for any level plan and need to upgrade for more Contacts, add on a Premium Domain, or downgrade because you don't need certain features, you can do so at any time.

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